Crane Rental Prices and Estimated Costs – Do you want to handle heavy lifting or transport materials on a construction site? Construction without renting a crane is nearly impossible, and yet one needs to compare the cost of crane truck rental with different crane rental companies when renting a crane.

While the crane rental cost marks the only considerable factor as you assess crane rental providers, understanding the variations in cost impact is also necessary. To get the best evaluation cost for your job site, make sure you consider the overall capabilities, scope of services, and ease of doing business that each crane truck rental company brings along.

Crane Rental Prices and Estimated Costs

Crane rental costs vary over many factors, therefore, the only way to get close prices is by requesting a quote from a quality vendor. With thousands of crane models offering different specifications and features, there is no simple answer to how much it takes to rent a crane.

Overall, it helps to get some idea of rental costs. Generally, large tower cranes cost around $15,000 for a month to rent, large operated cranes can cost closer to $1,000 per day, while smaller mobile cranes cost around $200 per day to rent. Besides the crane rental prices, make sure you consider the below additional costs before finalizing your budget plan:

  • Permits– Often, cranes require permits to operate, so check with your local jurisdiction to understand the paperwork and required costs.
  • Delivery and assembly– Cranes are delivered differently to the construction site, like crawler cranes or assembled, like tower cranes.
  • Qualified personnel– All cranes require professional skills qualified operators, signal persons, and riggers possess to handle things cautiously in a controllable environment.
  • Other fees– Preparing a lift plan, disconnecting utility lines, paying for overtime, and other such costs come along with crane truck rentals.

These fees are only a part of the factor that counts for determining a crane’s rental cost.

Finding a range of cost estimates for a crane rental sounds easy. However, cranes can be rented on daily, monthly, or hourly bases, getting to ballpark pricing with all the factors and complexity that go into your job site and a crane rental gets difficult.

Right below are the factors that influence the crane rental prices!

crane rental prices

Factors That Influence Crane Rental Costs

Several factors affect crane rental costs. The following are the most important factors in determining the cost to rent a crane:

  • Type of Crane– Crane rental costs depend on the size, configuration, and type of crane you need for your project. Their costs range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. With smaller carry-deck, cranes are the least expensive, while tower cranes or operated cranes cost more.
  • Lifting capacity– The crane lifting capacity increases with the pricing strain. Those larger mobile cranes can lift more than 1,000 tons.
  • Location– Crane prices vary dramatically depending on the state or country you are renting.
  • Duration of rental– Certainly, renting a crane for a longer period is always more expensive, whereas its cost per day drops to a certain percentage when you rent a crane on a weekly, hourly or monthly basis.
  • Current demand– During construction booms, cranes can cost more as they are in high demand.
  • Transportation/Hauling Requirements – Transporting the crane and all its parts to your project destination can be complex, especially if you require multiple cranes on a construction site. Choose rigging rental near me from a quality provider to avoid large transportation costs.

Analyze Your Crane Rent Needs

In order to figure out the perfect crane for your job, it is important to know what types of cranes are available in the market. Fleet size is an important factor to consider when planning the pricing budget. Crane rental companies with more varieties of cranes have an edge in making sure you get the right crane type available for you when you need it.

Analyzing your lift requirements and other environmental factors, the crane rental company may recommend you with one or more crane types that are listed below!

  • Tower Cranes– Tower cranes are a common pick for construction sites. Tower cranes lift building heavy materials and other supplies to unreachable heights for other lifting equipment or where space limitations restrict a larger mobile crane from being used.
  • Crawler Crane – Crawler crane is the most suitable choice for super-heavy weight lifting, featuring a lifting capacity of up to 2,500 tons. Most commercial construction or industrial sites like the energy sector at various factories and plants, petrol and chemical facilities, and renewable energy building wind turbines make efficient use of these cranes.
  • Rough Terrain Crane – The standard truck-mounted cranes are of no use in mountainous or rugged terrain. The rough terrain crane’s excellent design provides an ideal alternative for all forms of off-road use. A rough terrain crane ensures the efficient handling of sturdy construction project environments with several features.
  • Carry Deck Crane – Carry Deck cranes are smaller mobile cranes that facilitate a lifting capacity of 8 to 25 tons. Carry Deck cranes are primarily used in industrial plants, bridge building and other general infrastructure construction.

Why Renting a Crane Is the Best Option?                                                                     

Despite numerous factors and additional services that go into crane rental pricing, renting a crane is usually less expensive than owning a crane outright. To boost the crane’s life, you will have to spend large sums on its maintenance and repairs. Moreover, purchasing a single model limits you to specific features and capacities. Each crane possesses different functions to facilitate a variety of projects.

Rental cranes provide short-term savings, flexible pricing, no depreciation costs, and type versatility. You can keep your operational expenses low by closely budgeting crane rental for specific jobs.

Bottom Line – Search for Value from Your Crane Rental Provider

Choose a reliable crane rental company that can advise you on the right crane choice for your project. Getting all the crane rental factors in one plate and your requirements in another, helps in taking the right decision. Avoid the stress of owning a crane by starting renting specifically for your project requirements.