Storage, Receiving and Transportation

100_1016Receiving, storage and transportation of your loads to the site is part of our exceptional service. There are no daily fees. There are no separate leases or minimums for storage space. Interior and exterior storage space is available at our yard for your convenience and is part of our commitment to personal service and efficiency.

VA Crane Rental can assist with your transportation, receiving and storage needs, making us a one of a kind service provider. We often transfer containers and other heavy equipment in our yard from long haul truckers who need to get back on the road to local truckers who either haul to the final destination or any other location they choose.

We utilized our full range of support and heavy-hauling trucks to quickly transfer, unload, or load large items here in our yard. The trucks are perfect for transferring large boats from one trailer to another and does the job much quicker than a crane typically can. It is also ideal for transferring large tanks in the same manner. Please have a look at the specs on our equipment page.

VA Crane Rental also offers short term storage of large equipment (primarily HVAC related, but we have stored large turbines etc.) in our yard when immediate transfer is not possible. We will then handle loading out and trucking these items to wherever they need to go.

If you are an HVAC contractor in need of short-term storage or a freight forwarder looking for assistance in moving heavy equipment either into or out of the Virginia area, please do not hesitate to give us a call.