Top 5 Industries That Make Use of Rental Cranes -The cranes industry is likely to grow due to the increasing demand of the cranes. Since the construction, infrastructure, and other related industries need cranes to perform their various functions. 

Therefore, businesses that need cranes will have more companies to choose from, to rent. These sectors will continue to evolve and grow due to the increasing customer need for new construction and renovation.

Besides, even the mining industry is investing heavily in building materials. All of this points to the ongoing need for crane and cranes have grown so popular in modern society that only a few industries can do their jobs without these tools. Mobile cranes have the largest share of the crane rental market due to their widespread acceptance in various industries.

It has many advantages such as mobility, less installation time and setup are likely to increase the need for mobile cranes in the crane rental market.

List of industries that make use of rental cranes work

The safe transportation of goods and equipment contributes mainly to the working of industries. There are a lot of industries that benefit themselves by using cranes to get their jobs done. For example, for transporting an HVAC unit or lifting materials for a commercial building, you’ll need some equipment, mainly cranes.

Cranes have greater adaptability, enabling them to fulfill various industries’ needs. However, you can use them for various purposes. Industries rent cranes which help in construction and for moving heavy objects. Moreover, their use depends specifically on the type of industry renting them.

Below is the list of some major industries that need rental cranes to do their job.

1.    HVAC and Other Mechanical Structures

Air conditioning units or facilities can weigh thousands of pounds. And many units are present on the roofs of houses or businesses. To move these heavy units, contractors need to rent a crane.

In addition to installing a new HVAC unit for a commercial building and a secure way to transport the unit to the roof, a mobile crane is the best option. These units can safely handle sensitive equipment and lift it wherever it needs to go.

Besides, other mechanical projects that require additional crane assistance include septic tank installation, moving water heaters, moving industrial-level equipment to the roof and more.

Cranes are also used to remove old HVAC equipment, simplify the renewal process and allow you to focus on installing a new device.


2.    Building and Construction- Residential & Commercial

Mobile cranes make great use in construction sites. Their adaptability and flexibility enable them to handle complex lifts in almost any environment, ensuring optimum safety and efficiency. Residential construction companies can take advantage of rental cranes on site.

Also, a crane allows crews to move heavy equipment or lift materials to higher floors. Even for single-story home construction, cranes can help with site preparation by lifting trees and assisting with pouring concrete.

Commercial projects also require using a crane for construction. Because many commercial buildings have a greater area than residential buildings, construction projects often need to reach higher heights. On-site cranes help these projects complete quickly and efficiently.

For example, cranes can move steel beams and roof shores around the job site or on upper construction levels. In addition, they can safely transfer large electrical or HVAC equipment to the roof or roof space.

Both residential and commercial construction projects may require tree removal as part of site preparation for their projects. A crane is required for such projects. Plus, crane can pull a fully grown tree and move it around to relocate or save costs and trouble cutting down the tree.

Trees transplanted from other areas require large cranes to support their mass and gently lower them into the prepared planting hole. Well-trained crane operators can perform these tasks by efficiently moving the crane’s controls.

3.    Steel Industry

Steel construction would not be possible without the lifting power of cranes. Building with steel includes commercial and sometimes residential construction. However, it also covers the construction of bridges, cell towers, overpasses and industrial facilities. All these projects require a crane for lifting and moving steel to complete these jobs safely and on time.

Another feature of moving steel involves placing large steel plates for businesses. Since many of these signs have fused electrical connections for lighting, care must be taken during movement and placement to ensure they will work when connected to a power source. An expert crane rental provider can determine the type of crane required to install a steel sign. And a professional operator can safely replace the sign without damaging it or surrounding structures.

4.    Oil and Gas Industry

Applications of oil and gas procedures require extra safety. For this purpose, equipment that meets correct performance and safety standards does the job. Most mobile cranes are specifically certified to operate in oil and gas industries in their applications. They are highly efficient and ensure safety and quality to the industry.

5.    Transportation and Storage

Cranes are essential in lifting heavy, large pieces and putting them safely in their place. Storage containers or crates shipping sometimes need cranes to move them to the distribution site or around a warehouse.

Most of the time, transporting goods might damage the products, which could cost a pang of guilt to the shipping company. That’s why shipping and storage companies prefer cranes, which puts safety first.

Rental cranes include highly-trained operators that ensure the safe transportation of goods with skill and safety.

Use of Rental Cranes

Renting is a good choice for industries as it gives you freedom over costs. You’ll only have to pay for the equipment when you want to use it. If you are experiencing an unexpected increase in project volume, rentals can quickly meet your needs by providing an efficient, fast and convenient solution.

Rigging equipment and more types make great use in the construction industry or mining projects. You can either buy heavy rigging equipment, such as cranes. However, it is not feasible for most industries financially. In addition to the operating and maintenance costs, it can even increase the prices to a greater extent.

For the same reason, most companies prefer renting such equipment at the time of their needs. This is a cost-effective way to manage your needs for the equipment, besides making considerable investments in buying them.

Luckily, you can also look for rental services that rent crane and lifting services. These can be heavy equipment like cranes or some synthetic slings. However, you need to be careful while doing so. You can look on the internet for the best rigging rentals near me. This provides you with a list of offers that you can choose from.

A crane truck rental also serves as a temporary need. Such as when your vehicle breaks down or when you’re avoiding storage costs. Or additionally, when you’re low on storage space for more equipment.

One of the commonly known rental crane services includes VA crane rental. They provide high-quality services with trained staff and well-maintained equipment in storage, HVAC, construction and other fields.


Crane rentals are essential to help industries safely and efficiently perform their functions. Businesses that need cranes often rent them rather than buy them for one-time use. 

Rentals aid in a cost-effective investment for industries that helps them from spending money by buying equipment. However, paying for the rent whenever you need to use them is much more cost-effective than getting a new one.