Crane Rental Blunders That Increase Project Costs – Construction projects often rely on the use of necessary equipment and renting a crane serves as a necessary factor in doing the job. However, it is essential to have a look at the important factors and plan according to the needs. 

Improper planning while renting a crane might lead to an increase in the construction budget. So, you should consider the important factors while renting a crane like advanced rental and crane size. Considering these, you can save more money on your rentals and complete your project efficiently. 

Here we have listed some prominent blunders that you should avoid while thinking about to rent a crane

Crane Rental Blunders That Increase Project Costs

Lack of a Lift Plan

A lift plan includes several considerations, including the crane’s parking spot, the objectives of the crane operator and the number of employees working on the job site. Also, it may include information about the crane, such as its radius, length, capacity, approximate weight of the load, angle of the boom, and the operation plane.

Planning this all in advance can help to avoid unpleasant experiences afterwards. Meanwhile, discussing your lift plan with the employees and the operator is essential. Make sure that they follow the plan on the job site to guarantee safety and earlier work completion.

However, you can also predict some problems in time and prepare the site accordingly by sketching a lift plan. The most common problem may be weight concerns affecting the working of cranes.

Wrong Crane for the Project

Before renting a crane, know what kind of weights you will be lifting to get the right crane for the task. If you are unsure of what type of crane you will need, consult your crane rental provider about the specifications of your project.

Besides, renting the wrong crane type or size may cause significant project delays, will be costly and increase the likelihood of dangers in the workplace. 

The rental company may also ask you to provide details such as the weight of the load, the quantity and regularity of the lifts, and the installation site of the crane.

No Necessary Permits and Approvals

Renting a crane without the required approvals and license can result in penalties, such as fines and suspension of your crane license. In some cases, you may need to get permission from local authorities before operating a crane.

 Don’t neglect this factor if you want to carry out your construction process smoothly. 

Last Minute rentals

When you rent a crane at the last minute, you might face some difficulties and issues. Such as, you get in danger of delaying your project, which could also result in financial losses. Also, ignorance to book equipment early may run up with additional charges, especially when demand for such equipment is high.

Hiring a mobile crane for rent in advance provides you peace of mind throughout the rental company’s typical operating hours. It ensures that a crane operator is available at any time. Other than that, it allows you to predict weather patterns and make appropriate adjustments. Inclement weather can make crane operations dangerous, and some crane companies may hesitate to supply their cranes under these conditions. 

Ignoring the traffic

An important factor contributing to an increase in cost that most renters ignore is ignoring the traffic. Getting stuck in traffic for long hours also increases the amount of your rental. Therefore, plan your project in a way that will allow you to avoid costly traffic jams. Crane rental companies charge hourly, and the clock starts ticking as soon as you take the crane out of the garden.

Schedule your pick-up during off-peak traffic hours to minimize your time with the crane. This way, you can avoid unnecessary costs and enjoy your time with the unit.

Simple measures like booking your crane early can help you avoid unpredicted problems that could hinder your project. Look for a reliable crane rental company that offers well-served equipment and a trained operator to ensure safety and productivity, directly impacting your profitability.

No Site visits

One of the blunders that the renters make is the rent for a crane without having a proper inspection of the site. In any case of the scope of work, not asking your crane supplier to send an estimator to your site is the most common mistake the renters make.

 This, however, increases the project’s cost. Even if you know a little about cranes, it’s excellent advice to let your crane supplier evaluate the site.

Let’s pretend you don’t know anything. You do not know where to install the crane. You don’t know if the ground is soft or hard. You’re not sure of the height of the building, and you don’t even know if the crane can get in. Ask them to send you an estimator. Most reputable companies will gladly send free estimators quickly without any hesitation.

Shopping for the better price

One of the biggest blunders the renters make while looking for a mobile crane for rent is that they shop for a better price. They take little information about the cranes, be it their size and rate, and look for another one.

It is important to note that the estimator gives you a fixed rate or price to perform your lifting. Also, with this price is the crane’s size and other accessories required for lifting.

However, different companies may offer the same size cranes but fail to perform the lifting at the site. This increases the project’s total cost as you rent two or more cranes at a time.

Therefore, it is crucial to ask each company to send an estimator to review the site before the work starts and pay for the rental

Improper Planning

The most common mistake that the renters make is their lack of planning. They need to understand their duties, which are pretty simple. Before and on the day when the crane arrives, huddles need to be in place. 

While considering rough terrain crane rental, keep in mind that these cranes can’t run on public roads and need to be transported. 

Make sure to plan the crane lift, keep the site ready, ensure the materials will be there before the crane arrives, and communicate to others that the crane will be lifted. However, one of the ways that make a simple job very costly is to do nothing before the crane arrives and disorganized it while the crane is sitting in place.

Not considering the Weather Conditions

When renting a crane, you need to be prepared for all weather conditions. Crane service companies often have equipment that can operate safely in various weather conditions, but delays can occur if the weather is not ideal. 

Moreover, costs can increase when the crane service takes extra precautions due to bad weather conditions.


Simple steps like creating a lift plan, deciding what type of crane to use, and already fixing your crane will help you avoid unexpected delays that could hinder your project.

It is best advised to look for a reputable commercial crane rental company that provides a qualified operator and well-maintained equipment to ensure safety and efficiency, both of which will impact your final decision of renting a crane.