Investing in a crane is not feasible for most construction companies or small construction consultants, so renting all-terrain cranes is becoming more popular. All-terrain cranes are preferable because they are more versatile and reliable and work efficiently on various terrains.

Choosing the right crane for a particular task can be frustrating as there are different types of cranes for other purposes. Therefore, most construction companies don’t even bother getting all kinds of cranes and go for more versatile ones like all-terrain cranes. You can easily get an all-terrain crane from an all-terrain crane rental company near you.

What are All-Terrain Cranes?

As evident from their name, all-terrain cranes work perfectly for all types of terrains and easily adapt to the environment. These cranes are versatile, and they work effortlessly in all weather conditions. Because of their faster speed and greater mobility, they are widely used and preferable to any other crane type.

All-terrain cranes combine traditional hydraulic truck cranes and rough terrain cranes. With this effective combination comes better mobility along with high power and reliability. You can get a conventional crane that will give you increased strength, power, and reliability, or a rough terrain crane that offers better mobility. But if you want both, an all-terrain crane is your only option in such a case. Some considerable advantages of an all-terrain crane include;

  • Stronger weight lifting
  • Ability to work in sand and gravel
  • The all-wheel steering suspension system
  • Greater visibility and compactness
  •  Independent mobility from site to site
  • Integrated boom

Reasons why All-Terrain Cranes are a Go-to Option for Most Rentals

Now that you know what an all-terrain crane is capable of with the combined power and versatility, it is time to discuss why they are the go-to option for most jobs.

  1.     Easy Mobility

One of the major reasons why all-terrain cranes are preferred for any job is because of their easy mobility. Because of its versatility, it is as easy to drive on any common road as it is easy to drive on a construction site. With its 55 mph speed, it doesn’t disturb the traffic like the traditional cranes and is also easy to navigate.

It also features a crab steering and an all-wheel-drive system, making it ideal for rough terrains. Whether gravel, sand, mud, or asphalt are underneath, an all-terrain crane will smoothly move over all such hurdles with a convenient drive.

  1.     Safety and Protection

All-terrain cranes also promise higher onsite safety because of their enhanced balance. With an all-terrain crane on the site, you will not have to worry about the crane tripping over anyone, which reduces the risk of onsite accidents. The latest all-terrain crane comes with an array of computerized safety systems. These systems are responsible for stopping operators from performing dangerous jobs.

Because of this reliability, safety, and optimal visibility, all-terrain cranes are getting so popular and have become the number one choice of all construction companies.

  1.     Wide Range of Capacities

All-terrain cranes come in multiple weight and lift capabilities. Therefore, you can choose the best one that will suit you according to the job you have on the work site. You will have to check whether it is a small lift or a huge one and get an all-terrain crane accordingly.

There are all-terrain cranes that can lift weights as little as ninety tons, and there are those that can lift 440-ton objects to a height of two hundred feet. Therefore, it depends on the weight and lifts you require, and then choose your crane. This gives you quite a good number of options.

  1.     Compactness

Compactness is also one of the major reasons why all-terrain cranes are a go-to option for most crane rentals. As it is difficult to move around heavy equipment on the worksite, choosing the right all-terrain crane rental will help you select the ideal size for your job with better mobility and maneuverability.

Moreover, there are various city regulations and limits for letting cranes enter the city. So, with the ideal all-terrain crane rental, you can avoid such issues.

  1.     Efficiency and Versatility

Unlike old or traditional cranes, the modern all-terrain cranes are highly efficient and functional. They are ready to be used as soon as they reach the site with all their components intact. You must have a proper license to operate the crane, and with the modern all-terrain crane, the learning controls are a lot easier.

As we have discussed earlier, versatility is one of the most prominent traits of all-terrain cranes. These cranes work smoothly on all sites and in all kinds of terrains. This is why they are always on the top of the list of all construction companies and the go-to option.

  1.     Sturdiness and Durability

All-terrain cranes are sturdy and made out of tough materials which promise high functionality and durability. With their exceptional build, they can last for years if you maintain them properly. As all-terrain cranes can work in all weather conditions, they are resilient and efficient.

With an all-terrain crane, you will no longer have to worry about the extreme weather conditions or let them hinder your worksite job. Their durability can be enhanced by taking care of them and maintaining them properly.

Final Words

All-terrain cranes are more reliable and versatile than any other type of crane. Their convenient mobility, compactness, added safety, and other reasons have become the best option for most crane rentals. Construction companies have been switching to all-terrain cranes from traditional ones to get more benefits and a more versatile option.

Whether a rough terrain or any other kind, an all-terrain crane works smoothly in all types of terrains with extra worksite safety and security. So, if you are considering renting a crane for a small lifting job or a big project, you can get an all-terrain crane for better efficiency and mobility. You can always contact a reliable VA crane rental and have your experience with the all-terrain cranes.