Working in cold weather, especially when you are outdoors may seem like an advantage. You don’t have to worry about the heat, but the reality is there are a lot of problems that can come with being out in the cold. The top concern is hypothermia but contractors in Virginia will tell you that they are also concerned about making mistakes. As you are wearing more layers, your body is shivering and you are focused on getting warm, you can accidently make mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. Efficiency is not only about productivity when it comes to construction, it’s about staying safe. Here are some ways you can keep warm and get the job done:

  • Be safe: Construction is a dangerous job to begin with. Add cold winds, snow and a lot of water to the equation and you are asking for problems. That’s why no matter what your task is on the job site, you need to make sure that safety is a top priority. Don’t rush, don’t try to get more done then you can because you are just asking for problems.
  • Cover the right areas: Your head, hands and feet need to be covered up well and protected when you are working outside. Obviously, you are used to wearing shoes and socks when you work but you may want to consider wearing a second pair of socks to ensure that your feet stay nice and warm.
  • Don’t sweat it: One of the challenges of working in cold weather is trying not to sweat. Yes, staying active is a great way to keep warm but the more you sweat, the colder your body will get as that moisture hits the cold air. That’s why, even in very cold temperatures, you will see contractors in Virginia not wearing multiple layers because their bodies are already warm from moving around so much and they do not want to sweat.
  • Food for thought: Rather than eating one large meal at lunch, try to eat several small meals during the day. Digesting food causes the body to heat up internally and if you are eating smaller meals throughout the day you are able to keep your core warmer.


When working in cold weather, contractors in Virginia will use these tricks to not only stay warm but stay productive as well. Another important tip is to make sure you stay hydrated. While your body may not be sweating out moisture like it normally does during physical activity, you still need to drink plenty of water. Follow these tips and you will be able to keep up the good work, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.