If you have read the news recently you may have noticed that Virginia is working very hard to improve safety on construction sites. It’s an idea that everyone can get on board with but few understand the importance behind it. Worker safety is very important and at VACR the focus on construction safety is never overlooked. VACR has established a phenomenal reputation for safety which is one of the reasons they have become one of the leading crane rental services in Virginia. But why is safety so paramount in this industry? Of course you want to protect your workers but sometimes we forget that it’s not just a matter of making sure everyone gets to go home at the end of the day.

Why Safety First Is Key For Crane Rental Services

Any agency that puts production before caution is not worth working with. The fact is that accidents, whether it’s to people or materials, costs money. That’s not saying they are equal, lives are more important than any crane. But understanding the cost and problems that come with these accidents will get anyone on board with being more cautious.

  • Time and delays: When you have an issue come up it costs you time which is just as important as money on a job site. That’s one reason being careful while you work is valuable. Avoiding those big mistakes eliminates the majority of delays which ends up saving you more time in the long run.
  • Insurance costs: You have to insure your employees, the job and the machinery you use. For example, if you are rushing with your crane and it breaks because you are moving too much too fast you are now spending more money on repairs.
  • Safety: Every crane rental agency should understand the importance of construction safety. No project is worth the health and life of someone and short deadlines are not an excuse for rushing to get something done. Be patient, work hard and smart, the project will be done on time and done the right way.

“When someone calls us looking for crane rental services in Virginia and they stress to us that they need something done quickly we explain to them that it will be done right, it will be done in a timely manner, but we will not rush. We are very upfront about that because it’s the only way we can promise delivering at the level of quality that’s expected of us while also making sure everything gets done safely. It’s not going to be done just to get done, it has to be taken care of correctly and if that means taking a little extra time then that’s what we will do. We’ve had customers in the past looking for an agency that can deliver in a short period of time and we’ve explained we do it right, not fast. If you are looking for fast you have to go somewhere else. It’s good to see that Virginia is stepping forward and really trying to improve safety in the industry. It’s something we’ve been practicing for years and will continue to do so.” VA Crane Rental Representative