Contractors need subcontractors and vice versa. It’s an ongoing relationship that can last for decades as both businesses thrive with each other. A good subcontractor can help you on a project by saving you time and money, doing the work quickly but also making you look good as well. Remember, it doesn’t matter who does the work on a jobsite, at the end of the day, the work is yours and that means you get the credit as well as the blame.

It’s obvious that you need to take some time and choose the right subcontractor whether it’s crane rental services in Virginia, plumbing, electrical, painting or something else. However, a common mistake builders make is to only talk to their subs whenever they need them for a job. It’s something we all tend to do. We don’t talk to our dentist until we go in for a cleaning or treatment, so why would we need to chat with our subs in the mean time?

One reason is because of new services. Subs are always looking for ways to expand their business and accommodate their clients. For example, while we are known throughout Virginia for crane rental services, we also offer crane repair, storage, bridge work, certified rigging, signaler assistance and even welding. Perhaps one of these services may benefit you and by having a chat with your sub, you know that they not only offer them, but can assist you with them whenever you need it.

There are plenty of reasons why keeping communication open is always a good idea. You may learn something new about the industry, what other construction companies are doing, new technology or trends that can benefit you or anything else. The important thing to remember is that a large part of construction work comes from networking and that’s a big reason why being social is the way to go.