It doesn’t matter what field you are in, it’s being influenced and changed by technology. The same goes for construction. While a lot of the methods and machinery are the same, their abilities have been upgraded over the years. For example, a crane may seem the same today as it did decades ago. However, the truth is that the way that engine was designed, the way the engineers draw up the plans and the way we operate the equipment is far different than it was even ten years ago. You have to be able to adapt to new options and new technology. However, you also need to know how to get the job done and that’s where a little old school still comes into play.

Keeping It Old School

The best way to teach someone how to do anything on a construction site is by teaching them the original methods. These fundamentals are key to building a reliable and knowledgeable employee. Think of a baseball player. How can you teach them how to improve their accuracy of throwing and glove work if they do not first learn how to catch and throw properly? You have to start with the fundamentals to make sure that things are done right. Once that’s completed, then you can begin to incorporate the new stuff.

Bring In The New Stuff

The main thing new technology has given contractors is the ability to get a job done faster and safer than ever before. It’s also allowed contractors to manage projects in a completely new way. From the job site, a contractor can pull up their prints online, go over them with an architect at a different location, email important documents and schedule vendors and subcontractors. It makes you wonder how they ever managed to do all that before cell phones and mobile computers.

There will always be something new that will give you an advantage whether it’s running your company or completing a job. The key is to remember that you want to do your homework, know the benefits of this new technology, how to work it and how it can help you. You also need to make sure that it can help you. There’s no reason to add something new just because it’s new. Be sure it’s going to help you improve efficiency and/or quality of work.