There are those who feel that DIY has created problems for the construction industry. Many homeowners have taken the initiative to handle a project themselves rather than rely on a contractor to complete the task. While this is a valid point, it can also be proven that the “do it yourself” movement has also helped add to the construction industry, especially when it comes to remodeling.


As a complete project, the costs may be too high for some homeowners. For example, they want to add on a new room to their home and redo the landscaping. Your estimate for the project may have been too much and the client would have never gotten going with it. However, once the client takes on a DIY attitude and realizes they can do some things themselves like painting and landscaping, suddenly the cost of the addition fits their budget, and this creates more opportunity for the contractor.


So how can you embrace DIY if you are a contractor? The first thing to do is to utilize it in your marketing. You can post videos to a YouTube page for small projects like building a deck, installing a ceiling fan, painting a room, doing landscaping or simple plumbing problems that can benefit a homeowner and save them time and money. It may seem odd to give out this information for free but it establishes you as a reliable expert in the field and gives you a web presence that will lead to more awareness of your brand. You can share the videos on your website, social media and anywhere else you can think of, always pointing out your company name and location to ensure that if someone in the area needs assistance, they can count on you for fast and affordable help.


The average person isn’t going to look at a DIY video and get to work on remodeling an entire home or building a new room. However, your simple video can inspire them to start looking into upgrading their home and invest in it, meaning more work for you in the long-run and a level of trust you never had before with new customers because you’ve already given them reliable advice that saved them money. Don’t look at the “do it yourself” attitude as a bad thing, take advantage of it and allow it to help you build a web presence that will produce new customers for years.