Cranes have quite a long history of being a crucial part of the construction, and it might be the
first thing you notice on any construction site. They were invented back in 515 BC by the Greeks
and used for water irrigation. According to many historians, this is where the relationship
between man and machine started.

Nowadays, cranes come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for various purposes. For
example, there are all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, gantry cranes, telescopic cranes,
and many more. So, before you contact crane rental companies, take a closer look at a few of
the popular cranes.

Types of Cranes & Their Uses

1- Tower Crane

Tower cranes are also known as construction cranes. These types of cranes are the most
widely used cranes around the globe. Tower cranes are beautiful machines that offer you
amazing lifting capabilities. Usually, these cranes are fixed to the ground with concrete or may
be attached to the side of the structures.

Due to their size, construction cranes are equipped with an operating cab. This operating cab
controls the system and functioning of the whole crane. However, its engine, also known as a
slewing unit, controls the rotation of the crane as it sits on the top of the mast. These cranes can
lift the load up to 20 tons and work up to 256 feet in height approximately.

Generally, tower cranes are used to construct high buildings as it offers you very incredible
lifting capabilities. Because of their height, ability to lift heavy materials, and several other
features, these cranes become an essential tool while constructing a tall building.

2- Rough Terrain Crane

This type of crane is mounted in an undercarriage on four rubber wheels. Rough terrain crane
is designed for off-road operations. At the same time, the outriggers are extended vertically and
horizontally to stabilize the crane when hoisting.

Rough Terrain cranes are the types of cranes that have single-engine machines. That means
the same single-engine is used for powering the crane and powering the undercarriage.
These cranes are best for those construction sites with dirt, uneven, and rocky terrain. This type
of crane is built similar to the crawler crane, but instead of tracks, its undercarriage is outfitted
with four large rubber tires equipped with four-wheel drive.

Moreover, this crane's efficiency in traveling around the site makes it an effective support crane
for lighter hoists on construction projects, highways, and infrastructure. A normal vehicle-
mounted crane cannot be used in off-road constructions. That’s why rough terrain crane rental are
used for these applications.

3- Telescopic Crane

These cranes consist of a large boom in which several tubes are fitted inside each other. This
boom is outfitted with a hydraulic cylinder that permits it to alter its length. It enhances their
height and the help of tubes via the hydraulic mechanism, just like a telescope.
Although telescopic cranes are considered fixed cranes, many are mounted on the truck to help
transport to and from different worksites. These cranes are very highly adapted for multiple
situations due to the unique nature of their boom because their boom can collapse and compact

types of cranes

Telescopic cranes are particularly used to transport material from one place to another.
Whenever it comes to transferring goods to a high place, these cranes are the best as they can
easily adjust their heights according to the requirement.
These cranes are used in rescue operations during natural disasters or other emergencies.
Along with it, they are also used in short-term constructional jobs. And it is highly adaptable for a
variety of mobile situations. You can look for a mobile crane rental to find a perfect telescopic

4- Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes move with the help of tracks known as crawlers. As these cranes are track
vehicles, instead of wheels, crawlers are built on an undercarriage fitted with a pair of rubber

Depending upon their usage, crawler cranes have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. One
of the main advantages is that it can easily move on almost any surface of the Earth, even if it
can move on soft soil because of its crawlers. It can also be moved on the sites with little
improvement without sinking.

However, crawler cranes are very heavy and can be moved with the help of trucks. It will cost
more money as it cannot be moved easily from one site to another. But you can move it with
trucks, which would be cost-effective.

As the crawler crane transfers most of its load to a great area, that’s the reason it can be used
at unprepared sites without even worrying about anything. These cranes are also best for long-
term projects due to their special setup, bulkiness, and need to be transported from one place to

5- Floating Crane

Crane vessel and crane ship are two other names for floating cranes. These cranes have a very
rich history as they have been in use since the Middle Ages. And with the aid of continuous
technological advancements, this crane has helped people of many generations.
Nowadays, you may find different types of floating cranes as well. These types may include
sheerleg and semi-submersible. However, the only difference floating cranes may have from
other types is that they are used at sea.

These cranes are fixed, and they can not be rotated. They have a very large capacity of about
900 tons. Their key feature is their ability to work in water, and these are used in different
projects carried out on the sea, such as ports or oil rigs.

Floating cranes are commonly used in offshore construction because they are specialized in
lifting heavy loads. These cranes are also used to load or unload ships or lift sunken ships from
the water.

6- All terrain crane

All terrain cranes are mobile cranes that consist of a telescopic boom. Unlike other mobile
cranes, all-terrain cranes can be used on any kind of surface. That’s why these cranes are also
known as rough terrain cranes.

The main advantage of all-terrain cranes is that they can be used on any kind of surface,
including soft or uneven surfaces. And as these cranes have a telescopic boom, they can be
used for different purposes.

All-terrain crane rental are commonly used in construction projects. But they can also be used in
other industries such as mining, oil and gas industry, and many others.


Cranes are very important machines used in many industries for different purposes. And there is
a wide range of cranes available in the market that you can rent according to your need. You
can also buy a crane if you think you will need it for your business in the future.
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