Contact industry leader VA Crane Rental and discover why cranes for rent make good business sense that will save money and prevent headaches of purchasing heavy-lifting equipment.

Do you have a heavy-lifting job on schedule and need a solid piece of reliable equipment to get the job done right? Are you reviewing your budget to find the money to purchase rigging? After hours of number-crunching, have you figured out that the price is astronomical and the investment may not be worth the headache?  If so, you’re not alone. After weighing the pros and cons of lease vs. purchase, most business-savvy builders agree that when you rent cranes, you ultimately save money, time and worries. Moreover, when you deal with the best in the industry, VA Crane Rental, you can be sure that each lease comes with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you buy, you’re stuck with the equipment, regardless of its quality and performance. But when you lease, you have options. We provide only the finest machinery—top models to choose from an extensive fleet, including award-winning 450-ton Groves with 438-length booms. Powerhouse equipment for a price you can afford without breaking your bank account. Each machine comes to you in pristine condition. It’s been inspected, repaired and cleaned so it’s ready for work. And if for any reason, your equipment needs troubleshooting or fixing, we’ll come to the job site and take a look at the problem, make repairs and keep your job running on time and within budget.

We also pride ourselves on the technicians who operate our machines. Each one is licensed and NCCCO certified.So you can rest assured that the staff is just as reliable and professional as the equipment they operate. They also are trained to put safety first, which is one of the many reasons that for the past 55 years, customers all through the Mid-Atlantic have trusted us with their rigging, bridge construction, utility construction and home setting. From all-terrain to rough terrain and hydraulics, our selection of cranes for rent is incomparable. This versatility makes any job easier because it provides you with a variety of machines without having to make multiple purchases. Whether it’s moving beams or working on a high-rise commercial building, we can lease you the machines you need as you need them for only the amount of time you need them. Your service, operation and investment worries are over. Contact VA Crane Rental today and see why leasing is smarter than buying.