As a builder, you hang your reputation on the big projects; commercial buildings, major residential properties, arenas and stadiums. However, you pay your bills with the smaller jobs as they come more frequently and keep your crew busy. You cannot neglect the small jobs but you need to make sure they are done right. When it comes to crane rental, you want to find a reliable company that can handle them both.

Take Both Seriously

When you are looking to rent a crane, the company you work with should take small jobs with the same seriousness as they would a big one. The job needs to be done right, on time and on budget and any experienced builder will tell you that the smaller projects can cause just as many headaches as the larger ones. Experience is a big help in deciding where to rent a crane from because you can see the track record of the company as well as have confidence in the level of quality they will deliver. Remember, each build is going to have a curveball or two so having an agency that knows what they are doing is a big help.

Planning A Smaller Job

During the bidding process you want to make sure that you take into account everything you will need including equipment, materials, crew and so forth. Don’t be afraid to increase your cost per square foot because you need to make sure that you have more flexibility in the budget. Tight budgets on quick renovations or builds can cause problems if there are any delays.

Planning A Bigger Job

This is a time when you want to rely on your subs to help you plan everything. For example, a crane rental company should be able to provide a free consultation and help you with the bidding process. Even an experienced builder would have a hard time knowing what equipment is needed, how long it would be needed for and what the costs would be. That’s why you should rely on your subcontractors to help you plan the entire job as well as give you quotes.

When it comes to picking the best crane rental company for you, you want to look at what the agency offers. Do they have several services, experience and a wide variety of equipment? Can they handle the need for a 450 ton crane as well as smaller ones? You are going to get projects of all sizes and you want the team you work with to be able to handle all of them as well.