Every contractor knows what it’s like to run a business through their phone. It’s a reference they make as they are always on it, calling subcontractors, having meetings with clients, paying bills, checking emails and more. However, sometimes we forget just how many tools this amazing device has and how much it can really help us.


Every business, regardless of what you are doing, should have social media accounts. This not only gives you a web presence but it allows you to connect with people in your area. If you are on the job site and something big is happening today, like a crane rental company showing up to move something big, go on Facebook and Instagram and do a live show. People will love to watch something big getting moved or you can always shoot a video to post later. Show your team working hard, new projects you are starting and work you have just completed.

Apps To Stay Organized

Don’t just use your email and text messages to keep information. You can save every photo, document, contact and other information for each project on an app and stay organized. For example, rather than having to go through all your emails to find the information about one of the jobs you are working on, you have everything you need saved under an app and can quickly access it. This will help you juggle more projects at once while still being able to deliver outstanding work.

Put All Meetings On Your Calendar

You can schedule all your meetings through your calendar, whether on your phone or on your computer and they will all work together. This is great to remind you of what meeting you have next but it also is a great resource if you need to go back a few months and remember when you spoke with someone and what it was about. These are also great for leaving notes before, during and after the meeting, ensuring that you keep track of all the information.

The fact is that you actually are running a business through your phone. That’s fine but you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of it, getting the most out of this tool and using it to help you grow, keep your customers happy and more. Taking some time to research different features on your phone, different apps that are out there and more is a smart use of your time that can greatly benefit you in the future as well as keep your employees, subcontractors and clients updated and on the same page.