When it comes to being a contractor, no matter the project, you always have your work cut out for you. Most contractors tend to shift towards one area, commercial or residential construction. However, when work becomes available and the money is good, how can you pass something up, especially if you have a need for it? As you learn the differences between the two, and there are significant differences, you can rest easy knowing that you can handle both types of projects as long as you understand that you need to handle them differently.


  • Keep it clean: Whether you are working on a house or apartments where people are currently living or not, you want to keep the workplace as clean as possible. When homeowners get involved, the first thing they see is the mess that comes with residential construction. To keep them happy and to alleviate a lot of stress and tension you will have, keep your work area as clean as possible.
  • Show your work: When you are working with home owners or a manager, they may not have the background needed to know if you are making solid progress or not. Be sure to walk them through your progress at least once a week. If there are delays, let them know why they occurred. This will keep them informed and allow the project to run smoothly.


  • Stay organized: There’s a lot of work going on and sometimes your truck becomes a mobile office and storage facility. Keep track of all your paperwork, everything for the job needs to be kept organized so that you know when things were done, what they cost and more.
  • Have reliable subcontractors: If you are hiring someone for crane rental service, make sure they are experienced and equipped to handle this kind of work. Go over a game plan with them so that you both know what to expect and what kind of time will be needed for their portion of the job. This is good advice when dealing with any subcontractors including crane rental, electrical, plumbing and others.

Obviously, both types of projects will have a lot of similarities. It’s not as though they are completely different. However, knowing how to handle the projects differently will allow you to have a smoother experience, not only with the job but with the people in charge of the project. Keep organized, rely on quality subcontractors and you will have a successful experience.