On your next big construction job, contact VA Crane Rental to make sure your equipment is safe and up to code or if you need quick and reliable diagnostic crane repair service.

You may be up to re-wiring your old Chevy in the garage, or you may consider yourself a natural mechanic, but most contractors, engineers and construction workers agree that diagnosing and fixing a crane is complicated. How do you know when this specialized piece of equipment needs repair? Experts agree that several key malfunctions typically signal the need for professional services instead of trying to go it alone. A primary concern is a broken chain link. Less noticeable but still problematic is a crushed chain. Both cases are red flags for safety issues. Another issue is pads. Like an auto’s brake pads, a big rig’s pads can wear out, often warned by the machine making louder noises or more jerky movements. Yet another concern is corrosion. Rusted parts, including joints and bearings, can cause a breakdown in a moment’s notice. Have you noticed balance to be a problem? This could be the result of bent hooks. And what about the ropes? Heat can damage the integrity of ropes, causing them to dry, fray and even break. Dropping a load is not an option. Also consider regular maintenance of your brake discs, shoes and pads. All of these items are indicators for inspection by certified professionals, like the team at VA Crane.

With our 50 years’ experience, our expert crane repair service covers just about any model, shape or size piece of equipment you can imagine. We are leaders in the industry in troubleshooting and fixing all-terrain, crawlers, trucks, Grove, GMK, Manitowoc and national. We also have expertise in link belt, Altech and Terex. And we offer state-of-the-art testing, including pressure and stress (LMI) and corrosivity and ignitibility (RCI). From electrical to hydraulic systems, no problem is too complex for our certified technicians. Our reputation throughout the Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia area is A+. In fact, we can come to assess your trouble onsite if you are not able to bring your equipment to us. Breakdowns never happen at a convenient time. But we will make sure you don’t lose work time. Save yourself the worry and let us handle your next diagnostic problem. We will give you peace of mind that safety is paramount at your construction site and the problem will be fixed faster than if you tried to tackle it yourself. Contact us today for a free consultation.