One of the things that VA Crane Rental takes great pride in is the fact that we work with our clients to assist them in areas that most crane rental companies wouldn’t even think of. Whether it’s how to be more efficient, preparing for our arrival on the job site, knowing how to schedule for new services or asking for help on a bid. The bidding portion is something that contractors need to take advantage of, especially as they deal with more competition than ever. If you are too expensive you will not get the work but if you are too cheap you will not make money from the project. These are just some of the challenge’s contractors will face each day but there is help available.

For us, helping with the bidding process is not only a benefit to our clients, but it increases the chances of them getting the project. Why? For starters, it allows you to be more accurate on your pricing as you know what the costs will be for these aspects of the project. Another important reason this can benefit you is because it allows you to know what type of equipment will be needed for certain parts of the project and how much time would be required to complete this task. That’s a major advantage as you can coordinate your team and make sure that things run smoothly, especially if you are running several jobs at once or a larger one that has several moving parts.

One area where contractors really appreciate our assistance in the bidding process is when we show them the amount of space is also needed for the work. If you are working a residential job or a commercial project with limited space, you need to know how to accommodate the supplies and equipment that will be on the job site for that day so that you can save time and be prepared. This information may not seem that valuable but having it in advanced has been proven to help projects run smoother and to stay on schedule.