Contact VA Crane Rental for your next big construction job and learn why it’s smart, cheaper and safer to rent cranes from expert technicians and operators.

If you are a construction site foreman or project manager overseeing a job that requires large pieces of equipment, are you keeping up on their age and durability? This is highly important. Investing in new machinery and replacing old models are huge investments of capital. Why not rent cranes, big rigs, trucks and other complex equipment and save yourself time, money and worry about safety. The reasons are numerous. Most experts in the field estimate the life of a tower model to be about 15 years. After that, according to a published study by Haag Engineering, these precision machines begin to decline, and fast. By 20 years they are not permitted to be used on site. The risk is too great. This holds true for overhead models, too. Beginning around 10 years, most models need regular maintenance and inspection performed by expert technicians. For the average construction company, not only is the purchase cost is astronomical, but the repair cost is great, as well. Hiring machines like this from VA Crane Rental, the area’s industry leader, make sense economically and mechanically.

Another consideration is how many times you may need to operate cranes at your worksites. If the use is sporadic, then finding reliable models for rent makes better sense for you. At VA Crane Rental, our elite fleet of well-maintained, top-of-the-line inventory offer our customers the best, newest, safest machines. Our machines include the award-winning 450-ton Grove with the power of 6 axels, superior rigs and gantries that extend over 16 ft and can lift 20 tons. We also pride ourselves on our champion rugged rough-terrain styles and heavy-haulers which are perfect for transporting on or off road (including lowboys, flatbeds and bobcats). With 50 years’ experience, our portfolio spans home-setting, HVAC and utility and bridge construction. We even offer storage. Let our family-owned team show you why leasing from the best in the industry is smart business. We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our equipment and repair services. Contact us today and lease with confidence.