To keep the industrial business up and running, it is important to have machines in good working condition. Many responsible businesses and crane truck rentals regularly inspect and maintain their cranes and hoists to avoid unplanned downtime or accidents. They have detailed checklists and review plans for equipment to ensure efficient machine operations and no signs of wear and tear. 

However, sometimes, it is difficult to tell when a machine needs repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear. To make things easier, we have compiled the top 3 signs your crane or hoist needs repair. So let’s dive right in.

#1: Excessive noise

One of the most obvious signs that your crane or hoist needs repair is when it starts making excessive noise. Noise is often a result of worn-out bearings in different cranes like rough terrain crane, all terrain crane, tower crane, etc. However, it may also be due to other mechanical parts in the machine such as cables and gears.

If you experience excessive noise from your crane or hoist, it is wise to have it checked immediately by a professional repair shop. It is also important to have the bearings replaced as soon as possible. It could save you from paying huge repair bills in the future.

#2: Teeth or gears broken

Another common sign of a machine needing repair is broken teeth or gears. When you notice any teeth or gears have been broken, chances are that your machine needs some serious overhaul. 

Different types of machines have different kinds of gears. So, the gear replacement may differ from machine to machine. You must discuss with a professional repair shop the replacement and cost of parts for your specific model before you invest in any upgrades.

#3: Leaking Parts

You may also notice that some parts in your crane or hoist are leaking. Although this is often a sign of wear and tear, it can also result from misalignment, overloading, and improper lubrication.

Leaks can appear in hoses, cylinders, or the engines of the hoists and cranes. If not addressed properly, this can be very problematic and costly. It is important to have any leaks examined by a professional repair shop to avoid any serious damage. 

Other common Signs

Other common signs of a crane or hoist needing repair include:

  • Your crane or hoist may have loose parts
  • There may be oil or grease leaks
  • The machine may vibrate excessively
  • It may have damaged or worn-out wires
  • There may be visible cracks or dents
  • Your machine may have a limited working range
  • The crane may be unable to lift the intended load at a certain angle

Summing Up

These are just some signs that your crane or hoist needs repair. If you notice any of these problems, it is best to have your machine checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Getting it fixed early could save you from paying big repair bills in the future. If not, the damage may lead to serious breakdowns and accidents with your crane or hoist, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. So avoid costly accidents by keeping an eye out for these top three signs that your machine needs repair.