2021 is coming to an end and the year has certainly been challenging for most. The economy is thriving for some, struggling for others. However, we all are feeling the battle with inflated prices as well as shortages in labor and materials. Contractors have been hit especially hard by both shortages and they are looking for ways to be innovative and keep their business running. But how can you work without workers and materials? 

It certainly is a challenge. However, there are lessons to learn from subcontractors who have adapted to the economics times that they’ve started to add additional services to their resume. It sounds odd but the fact is that these new services can add additional assistance that is currently needed by contractors and property owners. A great example of this would be how many crane rental companies have added new options like welding or rigging services. It may not seem like a big deal, but these two options are in great demand around the industry as contractors with their own equipment don’t have the resources to operate it or lack the experienced crew to get the job done. 

If you are struggling with labor and material shortages, there may be some options that could help you cover the needs of each project and stay on schedule. It’s a challenge but there are creative options that could accommodate you. If you are able to expand your own services, it could open up doors for more business. However, if you are not able to, try connecting with local subcontractors who may be offering additional options to accommodate the needs of their clients. The best thing to do is take a moment and make a list of what services you are struggling the most to fulfill. Then, connect with subcontractors in the area and see if they can assist you with any of those needs. That way, you have additional options and can keep your project on schedule.