What is a rough terrain crane?

A rough terrain crane is a mobile crane designed to move on uneven surfaces quickly. It has 4 huge rubber tires that ensure easy climbing on difficult terrain. Crane is mounted on a short undercarriage which can get easily into tighter spaces. They are mainly used to lift hefty loads to exceptional heights. They are the most compact form of crane with excellent stability and power to lift extra heavy loads; they can maneuver over all kinds of surfaces.

Benefits of a rough terrain crane

  • Highly stable oversized tires can quickly move on rocky and uneven surfaces without even trembling an inch.
  • It has a comparatively higher speed than other cranes. It can move quickly on the job site hence the work completes before the estimated time.
  • It can bear large loads of up to 165 tons, making it suitable for working on large sites.

Disadvantages of a rough terrain crane

  • Rough terrain cranes can’t move from one job site to another as they cannot quickly move on public roads or highways.
  • It cannot lift loads higher than 165 tons. So, you need to rent a bigger crane if you want to lift a heavier load than this.
  • Rough terrain crane truck rentals are very high due to their incredible power and specifications.

Best Environment for rough terrain cranes

Better maneuverability on rocky surfaces; not all cranes are stable and tough to maneuver on rock and bumpy roads. Many work sites have uneven surfaces, obstacles, and unfavorable terrain on which the cranes find it very difficult to move and work efficiently. In such an environment, rough terrain cranes are super affordable and beneficial. Because they can Effortlessly drive on all types of surfaces due to their huge rubber tires, they also have three different steering modes, allowing them to move up to steep surfaces without difficulty. It has a high ability to work in snowy, icy, muddy, and uneven terrains.

  1. It easily fits in tight areas.

There is often very saturation on the work sites that heavy moving machinery becomes tiring. When the cranes have massive bodies, they become harder to move and hence lose their value. A compact crane seems a blessing in such an environment. It can move and go inside crowded areas to lift heavy loads. Rough terrain cranes have small cab sizes, which makes it easy to fits in even small spaces. Their body is uniquely designed with a wider center of gravity which can easily center them on uneven surfaces and slopes without slipping. Other types of cranes have narrow bodies, and rough terrain cranes have wider cabs, giving them an enhanced stability feature.

  1. Easily hike on steep surfaces.

Rough terrain cranes are the most powerful form of crane that can hike even on a steep surface. They have huge tires that can better grip rocky and slippery surfaces, making them a better and more convenient option to work in a complex environment.


A rough terrain crane is specially designed to work in unfavorable conditions. Whether it is regarding the terrain or the weather – a rough terrain crane has the power to get into any situation and drives smoothly through every path. Therefore, primarily contractors refer to working with irregular terrain cranes in rocky or mountain areas.