Most people select outfits for work based on appearance and comfort. Construction workers do so based on functionality and durability. Imagine having to wear something that has to protect your skin from abrasions, be cool enough to wear in the summer and protect you from the cold in winter, be durable to stand months of wear and tear doing manual labor and also not limit your flexibility so that you can complete your task. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? 

 Here’s the challenge construction workers have when finding a good pair of gloves. They need protection but they also need the ability to use their hands for the task they are working on. So, what should you look for whenever you are trying to select a new pair of work gloves? These tips may help your decision: 

 Materials: you cannot ignore the materials as they are often the most important. For example, Thinsulate gloves are used in a warmer climate because they are thinner and therefore insulate better. 

 Palm and finger protection: this is where you have to understand what you plan on doing with the gloves. Beyond the material for the glove itself, what’s used to protect the fingers and palm is important. However, too much protection can cost you dexterity. Use options with more cushion if you plan on moving heavy materials and use options with thinner material if you need to do things like use sheers or something else. 

 Washable: considering we live in a world of covid, it’s not a bad idea to select items that can be washed. However, even if that’s not a concern, the ability to wash your selection for gloves can help you keep them longer and lessen the chances of skin abrasions. 

 Size: you have to make sure you select gloves that are the right size for you. Too tight and you will feel uncomfortable trying to complete even the simplest tasks and you also have less protection. Too loose and they may not be safe to work in as well as having limited functionality. 

 While this may not be a decision you spend a lot of time on the fact is that the more time you put into evaluating the construction glove options available, the more likely you will be happy with your selection and stick with that brand and style for years. Protecting your hands is key if you work in construction, the same as your feet and back. Be smart with how you make your selection and don’t be afraid to ask questions as well.