What is a crane truck?

A Crane truck is also called a boom truck. It is a hefty vehicle with a giant hydraulic crane mounted on its chassis. Moreover, they often have telescopic booms which are unsupported and mounted on them to work as a crane for lifting and moving heavy objects. They are very flexible and can easily fit into confined places. They can move heavy objects as well as also perform heavy-lifting tasks. 

How to choose the right crane truck?

Several factors affect the renting procedure of crane trucks. Choosing the right crane truck for the right task and a reliable car rental can save you from spending extra money, time, and labor.

Things to consider while renting a crane

Check the requirement; you must have proper knowledge about the maximum weight of the load you need to lift with crane trucks. Crane trucks have different types that have various lifting capacities, so they must be rented according to the weight requirement. Renting a heavy load-bearing crane for transporting small objects is a waste of money.

  • Analyze the site

The contractors must analyze the site and its terrain to rent a crane truck that can maneuver easily on that path. Also, check on the weather, as rainstorms can turn a smooth surface into a muddy trail. In that case, an all-terrain crane works smoothly; otherwise, a rough terrain crane would be best for rocky areas.

  • Check the distance of load transportation.

The distance a crane travels is also a significant factor to consider before renting a crane. If there is a lot of transportation work on site, you must rent a wheel-based crane truck; otherwise, rail base crane truck can work effortlessly.

Things to check about rental companies

  • Licensing and commitment

Renting crane trucks will save you from the hassle of extra maintenance and repair costs, but the rental companies must be reliable enough. They must have a proper license and other paperwork completed. Ask for their documents and do a satisfactory check before renting a crane from any crane rental company.

  • Working experience

The crane rental company must be old in the market. Often new or freshly formed Rental Company’s ditch you at the end. They need to be more firm on their commitments. Always review their work history and reviews from past clients who have hired a crane from them. It will save you from any backlash.

  • Qualified operators

The crane operator must be knowledgeable enough to deal with any problematic situation. He must be well qualified and knows all the features and specifications of the crane that he is driving. He must know about the load on the crane that must be evenly distributed and the ups and downs that could occur while lifting a load.


Several types of crane trucks include all-terrain cranes, knuckle boom cranes, truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, etc. So, a contractor must have the correct crane truck at his work site to accomplish the task effortlessly and in a timely manner. Every type has its limitations and advantages. A crane truck is the most common type; therefore, it is often seen on industrial and commercial projects. But a contractor must strictly check the documentation of the rental companies and the operators they provide to have a safe lifting experience.