It’s hard to imagine the construction industry or any part of it really benefiting from the internet. Yes, this resource allows people to contact or buy from you faster but in reality it brings hundreds of competitors directly to the consumer and creates a logjam that could cost a business new clients.

Many contractors have avoided wasting their time and efforts with internet marketing and establishing an online presence for this very reason. For them, getting new business from word of mouth is much more valuable and they do have a very strong point on that.

However, as recent as the past decade the thinking on that has changed for all areas of the industry including crane rental, electrical, plumbing, roofing and more. The reason for the change is in the understanding of how consumers now navigate through the information made available to them.

For example, in the past if someone wanted to hire a crane rental company they would go to a phone book and literally the size of the ad usually determined who got a call. Now, someone has to go to Google to search for crane rental companies near me and while they see a variety of options, they also see great detail on each company, their job history, reviews and more.

This gives consumers a major advantage as they are now able to change the way they make selections, contacting multiple companies to compare pricing but also able to take their decision making a step further and select a team based on experience.

This has given more established companies that have in the past avoided building an internet presence reason to invest as it gives them a huge advantage over the competition and allows them to showcase why their services may cost more. Investing in an online presence when in the construction industry is now a necessity and something smart companies have already started as they look for new business in their areas.