It’s hard to image a company demanding something of you before or even after you higher them. They should be happy that you’re giving them the business and leave it at that, right? Actually no, especially when their ability to get the work hinges on your ability to get the work for them.

Take construction and crane rental services for example, especially as the bidding process begins. Clients are expecting you to provide them with detailed information on the scope of work as well as pricing and this, along with other factors, will determine whether or not you get the job.

Taking that into consideration, you would want to put together the most accurate bid or proposal possible and if you need to rely on the services of others, you want to make sure that you are doing more than just guessing what the costs and commitments will be.

As you’re putting together your proposal, you shouldn’t rely on just what you think will be needed and those costs. Working with your subcontractors allows you to be more accurate but also avoids making mistakes as far as understanding the time and equipment needed for this task.

A contractor may think that a simple crane rental job is needed when in reality the project and task requires a larger crew and more equipment. What happens when you get the job and learn that after the fact? That will drastically cut into your profits on the project and create major challenges with getting the work done.

That’s not something anyone should have to go through on a project, especially when it could have been avoided easily by working with subcontractors before the proposal was submitted. Most subcontractors appreciate the involvement and will offer their assistance for free. This simple step is important and can not only increase your profit on jobs but also help you grab more projects as you’re not submitting proposals that are more expensive than the competition.