Grove cranes are exclusively designed mobile cranes used to handle the most challenging site conditions. They can lift load capacities ranging from 30 tons to 150 tons. Grove cranes are exceptionally used on huge work sites or in the construction of monumental buildings or industrial projects where heavy loads must be lifted at the top.

Prominent features of a grove crane

Sitting comfort has a telescopic steering column and a heated and electrically adjusted seat that gives full convenience to the operator. The seat has an ultra-wide design where the operator sits comfortably.

  1. Increased visibility 

The grove crane provides increased operator comfort by improvising the full-vision view. Cab default vision has incorporated a three-camera package that enhances visibility around the crane.

  1. Additional features

Additional comfort features include footrest bars, molded floor mat, a USB charging port, a wrap-around hand railing, a new LED lighting package, and a windshield washed for the skylight.

Preferable job sites for a Grove Crane 

  1. Rough environment and unfavorable weather

Grove cranes are mighty and durable cranes. They have high-performance cabs which can easily lift the heaviest loads with convenient maneuverability on rough surfaces. They have a perfect vision mirror and clear side mirrors to promote better visibility. It can keep the vehicle balanced and stable on slick, icy roads.

  1. Works for heavy load lifting on exceptional heights

Grove cranes have a fantastic boom design. It does not have a mainstream rectangular or square boom design but a U-shaped boom that can lift a hefty object to exceptional heights. It works best for the construction of high-rise buildings and offices. Its boom can lift much higher and heavier than other cranes. It has large wear pads that align the boom while telescoping. Therefore, they work great for any radius range.

  1. Irresistibly work for long hours.

A Grove crane is the most reliable form where work is continued 24/7. It doesn’t need any equipment calibration or the frequent alignment of wheels. No matter how congested the area is, grove cranes work smoothly and perfectly in all spaces. Grove cranes have front and rear cross axle differential locks that promote their reliability and high-performance working without any break.

Grove crane rental prices 

A Grove crane is a mobile crane with comparatively higher prices than other cranes. The crane rentals mainly depend upon its size and functionalities; small mobile cranes cost closer to $200 per day, whereas more giant cranes cost $1000 per day. Moreover, tower cranes can also cost a high amount of $15000 per month, but it is lower overall than the huge-sized grove cranes. Grove cranes have different types, such as all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and many more. The contractors must make a wise decision while renting a grove crane to meet all their work requirements.


The Grove crane is considered the most powerful type that works effortlessly in all environments. It has the highest load-lifting capacity and works in all settings. It has high off-road performance and fast highway speed, making it easier to transfer loads from one place to another or lift them to maximum heights.