Every boss or manager knows there’s ways to improve efficiency and cut down on costs. However, many struggle to hit those goals because they are not sure where to begin. On a job site, there are plenty of places to start including: 

1. Worker schedules: This is the biggest waste of money on a job site because it often goes unnoticed. If the job can be done with four workers, why have eight there? Even if you only need them for half the day, have them work somewhere else the second half. 

2. Material ordering: Wood, nails and other materials are ok to over order because you will lose some or damage some and any extras can be used on another job. However, if it’s something specific for this project make sure you order as accurately as possible. If you’re able to cut material costs by five percent, that will save you thousands of dollars. 

3. Time management: Are people showing up early and ready to go at the start of the day? Or, are they showing up on time but need extra time to get ready for work? Are they running out for lunch or errands, on their phone or something else? You want to be fair to your employees but these little delays add up and cost you time and money. 

4. Keep the site clean and organized: A clean site makes it easier and safer for everyone to move around. This cuts down on delays and potential injuries. 

5. Minimize crew on sub days: If you are hiring a crane rental company for the day, will your entire crew need to be there? 

6. Focus workers time on tasks they are capable of: Why have a contractor carry wood up a staircase if you have laborers on the job? Have people stick with what they’re pod to do. 

7. Utilize accounting apps: accounting apps are great because they can show you where you’re spending too much money as the project is going on.  Utilize these tips and you should see a reduction in costs for your job site. Even if the numbers seem low, remember it’s free money and it will add up over the course of the year.