Marketing for contractors is something that is discussed all the time but what’s rarely discussed is what consumers are looking for when they are making their decision. Let’s say that someone wants to build a house and they do not know any contractors or have anyone who can refer someone. So, they’ll probably head to Google to start searching for local options and see who is available. Do you think they are going to pick the first company they see and hire them for a job that costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Probably not, they will probably take their time and make sure that they are doing their homework, eliminating the possibility that they are not selecting the right contractor.

So, you should do what you can to position yourself well on Google and other places that the consumer might go for information about contractors. However, that’s not the only thing they are going to look for. They will look for experience, projects you’ve done, reviews about your work and additional services that can simplify their selection and the challenges involved in such a project. For example, they want a home built but they also need to make sure that they have someone who can take care of the new pool they want, landscaping, the big driveway and painting of the home.

You may not do all of those things but having subcontractors you can recommend is a great way to get business. People do not want to spend their entire time looking for crews to hire if they can go to one company and get all the assistance they need. If you simplify the challenges these consumers have in finding reliable help, they will appreciate the assistance and probably give you their business. You also have the luxury of not worrying about coming in with the lowest prices on bids because people will feel that the pricing reflects the quality of the work.