Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the largest social media platforms in the world and companies everywhere rely on them to generate traffic and sales. However, the construction industry is a bit different in how it can and should market. Can you ever get a client from Facebook posts? Yes, but you cannot expect it. More than likely, Google is going to be your top digital generator of leads and that’s where most of your competitors will focus their time and money. Social media is a branding tool and people only engage when you have great content or when you offer a promotion that they would like the learn more about like 50% off materials or a free consultation which are very popular to consumers.

Keep in mind, the more niche of construction work you do, the harder it’s going to be to accurately target a quality audience. For example, if you do home remodeling, Facebook will be able to target an audience who owns their own homes. However, if you want to promote services for pool maintenance, it may not be a good platform to use because it isn’t sure who owns a pool and who doesn’t. So, for most contractors, Facebook isn’t the best platform for anything other than branding and introducing offers to a large audience at an affordable rate on a platform they usually are on dozens of times throughout the day, even while they are at work.

LinkedIn is a different platform even though it’s still social media. It’s a professional platform where people can connect, share valuable content and look for new jobs. So, unless you’re looking for a new job, you probably can’t benefit from this platform, right? Actually, you probably won’t benefit from spending money but it’s a great way to network with architects and builders who may need a contractor for an upcoming project. Spending a few minutes, a day on the site could pay off if you are connecting with the right audience and sharing quality content about your company and what you do including past projects and services.