Marketing has certainly changed over the last five to ten years. Print ads or print anything really have gone to an all time low in popularity now as businesses are focusing on digital ads which allow them to target a specific audience. Want to show your ad to a homeowner who makes over $100,000 a year? That’s easy to do and you can show them specific types of ads as well to peak their interest. 

The fact is that digital marketing is always evolving, just like the construction industry. The field is investing less money into social media marketing and more into google. Social media seems to do better for fields like retail. While other fields have had major success, construction just seems to always miss the mark. Google on the other hand, is a perfect situation because you can target ads towards people who need to find a contractor in your area. However, that does not mean that’s where you need to invest the bulk of your marketing budget. 

Investing in marketing comes down to having a strong online presence. You can have the lowest prices and the best services but if your online presence is weak, the consumer isn’t going to trust you and they are going to move forward. Take some time to look at how your company appears throughout the web. What are your reviews looking like? Is your site mobile friendly? Has any site said anything about your company in over four years? 

The stronger your online presence, the less you have to spend on marketing each month. That’s because when consumers see the strength of your brand they will put their trust in you over the competition, even if you are not the least expensive. These people have to trust a company with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. They are not going to base that decision on who had the cheapest price tag.