Facebook is always a popular topic among marketers who are trying to show the value it offers to clients trying to market to potential consumers. As social media marketing becomes stronger and more popular each year, companies are trying to learn how to utilize each platform to reach consumers.

As we break down each platform for you, we begin with the most popular as well as the one that has been the focus of a lot of marketing companies for reasons you will soon learn.

The reason or at least the main reason marketing companies are having a love affair with Facebook for right now is the cost per lead. The cost per lead for construction on Google is over $100. The same lead could be generated on Facebook for half the price. So, why don’t you only use social media to market?

The problem is targeting. On Google it’s easy because you’re letting the consumer come to you based on what kind of information they are looking for. On social media, you don’t have that luxury so you’re advertising more than marketing which means you’re trying to introduce your brand and motivate consumers to engage.

Construction isn’t as easy an industry to advertise as something like retail. However, offering a free consultation, running a commercial on past work, maybe assistance with financing or planning how to do the work will incentivize consumers to take interest in the content.

Though the platform, companies can run these ads and generate leads through Facebook or send the consumer to their site. Tracking capabilities and testing options for different audiences or types of content can help determine which campaigns are doing the best.

Creating content is not difficult or expensive but videos have been shown to outperform images. While running ads is a smart idea, you also want to invest your time in creating for organic engagement or just to boost for engagement rather than leads. It’s a way to spend less money and get your content to more users. Try starting with at least three posts a week until you get used to posting every day with new content.