If you are thinking about purchasing a crane, then hold that thought. A mobile crane for rent can cut down on construction costs. In this article, we’ll discuss why renting a crane is essential for your construction company. 

The economic slowdown after covid has hit construction companies harder. Many projects require rent heavy equipment such as cranes or lifts. But to purchase a crane may not be worthwhile in the long run. 

Why it’s essential to rent heavy equipment such as CRANE?

It is a costly investment that your construction company can do without in this age of economic meltdown. Here are the reasons why you should rent a crane:

  1. No upfront costs

Depending on their size and type, cranes are expensive. Some would even cost millions of dollars. But if you opt for rental cranes, the rent will cost you only a fraction of the actual price. In addition, the rent will also include the operations and transportation costs.

  1. No maintenance required

Not only are cranes expensive to purchase, but they also require maintenance. Although cranes are durable if you use them often, they can go through the usual wear and tear. So you would have to repair them many times. 

The machinery also needs to pass specific inspection standards. Otherwise, your company will incur a fine. But if you opt for an all-terrain crane rental or rough terrain crane rental, the rental company will handle the maintenance. Also, you won’t have to worry about certifications. 

  1. Saves labor costs

Owning a crane means you have to pay for labor costs. This can be costly, especially if not every project requires heavy lifting. However, if you rent cranes according to the project needs, the rental company will most likely send their own licensed crane riggers and operators. 

  1. Adaptability

Various projects require a different range of equipment. But owning only one crane limits the kinds of work you can take from it. Also, if you use the same crane for every project, it just won’t work. 

It could also be dangerous if that crane is not designed for a specific project. On the other hand, renting different cranes for each project type would increase the efficiency of the job. 

  1. Avoid insurance

Purchasing a crane means you will be responsible for any damage that may happen because of it. Getting the crane insured will be an additional cost, and the paperwork will be time-consuming. 

In comparison, crane rental is an economical solution. Furthermore, reputable rental companies have insurance against any damages due to the crane. 

  1. Zero storage costs

Cranes are huge, and thus they need large spaces for storage. Renting or investing in a space ample for storage is an extra cost. With crane rentals, you’ll only pay for the use of the equipment when it’s on-site.

Purchasing a crane can be costly, requiring your construction company to pay for licensed labor and maintenance. Buying a heavy piece of equipment for each project is expensive as various contracts will need different equipment. Besides, not every project requires a crane. In that case, opting for a crane rental can be worthwhile in the long run.