With the labor shortage, construction companies have had to adapt and get creative on how to have enough worker power to get a task done. Obviously, this is a challenge for companies that need more workers than others. Crane rental companies have felt the impact as well. However, because of their resources, they’ve been able to improve their services and offer more to their clients. Expanding services is important as it makes you more valuable to the client and can assist with covering some limitations like the labor shortage.

Faster Bidding

One area subcontractors have really begun to focus on is with their bidding process. Crane rental companies understand that you need the information faster than ever because more information needs to go into each bid. Rather than just giving a price estimate, clients now want a breakdown of the services and goods you are responsible for, what tasks you will be completing, the timeframe for everything and then cost. The more accurate your bid and the faster you can put it all together, the higher your chances are of getting the project.

Rigging, Welding, Equipment Repair  

Crane rental workers are experienced in a variety of services and can utilize their skillset to accommodate the needs of contractors. This includes areas like rigging, welding and even equipment repair. If there is a need for any of these services, don’t hesitate to reach out to your subcontractors because it may help you keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Learning how to adapt during specific times is important. Crane rental companies and other subcontractors understand the challenges that contractors are going through right now between inflation as well as the labor and materials shortages. If you are unable to adapt to the times and be more accommodating, you are going to see the competition gain a lot of ground.